By Ruth Almodal

look at me!
i am the jocund jonquil
toot my horn
dusk ‘til dawn
perfect pout, oh?
daffodils are out.
i paint my petals carmine
if I bind these pretty petals of mine
will you see me as a rose?
discover me, rare rose exposed.

your petals thin, you wilt.
your stalk is tangled, your dirt is dry.
your pallor is sallow. you are bald and disgraced.

*lo, I am graceful!*
feel my pull
my tantalising beauty –
look at me, look at me!

to mutation
to inspiration.

Awareness of an audience changes how we present ourselves – in some cases, we present ourselves as a different person. Adoration is something everyone wants, but is it something everyone needs? Narcissus explores the lengths we may go to be known.

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