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Talk to us so we’re not shouting into the void! 👋 We’ve listed some frequently asked questions below, but if your question isn’t listed feel free to contact us. Any other comments or feedback will be greatly appreciated, so message away!

“Can I be a copyeditor/editor/proofreader/part of the staff?”

We can not promise you a spot but there is no harm in applying! Here is the link to the application form. We’d also love to see you around so join our discord for the most up-to-date news!

Can I submit something I’m working on for a university/school assessment?

Please don’t! If we publish something you are submitting for assessment, it might constitute self-plagiarism under school regulations, and there may also be questions as to whether any editorial intervention counted as collaboration. However, you can – of course! – contribute work that has already been assessed.

I’ve just submitted something. How long till it’s published?

We check submissions immediately from sheer excitement alone. A team of three (comprised of an editor, managing editor and executive team member) will start working on your submission, which should take around two weeks. A member of staff will be in contact with you once this process is done to check that everything is to your liking.

Can my submission be rejected?

Your submission can potentially be rejected for not quite reaching our quality standards or opposing our guidelines: we do not accept anything defamatory, scandalous or potentially damaging to City. If we send you a rejection response, please don’t be disheartened! We will always make sure to send comments or advice for improvements.

I want to submit something, but I don’t have any ideas.

We’ve all been there! If you’re looking for something inspiration, check out our ‘PROMPTS’ page, where we post themes, buzzwords and ideas for submissions we’d love to see.

I’m not a City University of London student. Can I still submit?

Yes! As part of our reason development, we are now accepting applications from outside of City.

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