What If?

By Charlotte Ella Read

What if the world was different?

What if instead of left and right,

We just said up and down?

And what if instead of yellow,

It was gold?

What if instead of being cold,

People were simply warm,

Kind and gentle and loving?

And if all of those ‘what ifs’ were true,

Would things still be the same?

If the world were kinder,

Would we still be who we are?

Would I have met you?

Would I have fallen for them?

If the world was flipped,

upside down,

and inside out?

Would my soul still long,

For all those inaccessible things?

The world has been a weird and confusing place, every question recently has been turned into something that felt like life or death, no matter whether or not that be the case, this poem was written when I felt the most torn.


Sleepless writer and university student, Charlotte Read, has practiced putting words onto a page since young. From novels to haikus to song-writing, she won’t back down at a challenge. However, poetry is the motivation that has kept her inspired.

instagram: @charliiella

2 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s difficult not to contemplate the endless spider web of choices made, refused. Wonderful writing. 🙏🏻


  2. Faysal says:

    I like it


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